Some advice on powersupply for short list amp build

I have finally narrowed down my amp build to a short list of three. The amps will drive stereo 30W 8Ohm speakers I am yet to build - Visaton FRS8-8 full range (drivers freely available here).

My short list is:
- Standard LM3886 stereo amp - using better components
- MyRefC Siva v1.3 (found some boards on ebay that was excess)
- TDA7294 kit

I'm breaking the options down into cost now and part of that cost is the powersupply, and here I'm a bit in the dark - well in general I'm in the dark but more so with the power supplies.

I know for the standard LM and the TDA kits I need a transformer and a powersupply circuit. Can they all use the same transformer (24v-0-24v) and powersupply circuit, all three I mean? (Given a specific kit doesn't already include a power supply circuit).

Thank you kindly.
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160VA, 24+24Vac, or 160VA, 25+25Vac will do.
+-10mF to +-20mF of smoothing capacitors to each channel. (that's a total of 40mF to 80mF for a stereo amp).
A 1C/W heatsink will probably be OK, if you get cool air to it.
Heatsinks in India generally run hotter than in Britain.
Internal heatsinks generally run hotter than external.
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