Solution for Three-Way Active Xover


2013-02-20 9:49 am

I want to try building an active three way speaker. Looking at the filter charateristics I realize that I need/want to use more complicated filters than the FIR/IIR variants necessitating the need for a full convolution engine.

How can I best manage this?

For each speaker I need
  • 3 DACs
  • 3 active filter banks doing roughly 1000 taps each
  • 3 amplifiers (already have a plan for building these)
  • Some way of doing master volume

The OpenDRC looks nice but it's only 2-way, right?

The OpenDRC is not a crossover, it is a full convolution FIR/IIR engine. It is a pass through device like a typical EQ, connected through a tape loop/ inline prior to crossovers. You can do the corrections as stated tho perhaps without the taps desired (1000?!) you want with it while requiring the need for two 2x4's or an 2x8 for stereo 3way cross functionality. The technical documentation outlines this information.


2013-02-20 9:49 am

according to the manual it has 8 output I2S channels so it could do the DRC "inline" and then double up as active Xover after the FIR filter.

1000 taps is probably overkill by a factor of 10, I agree.

My initial thought while perusing the minidsp site was to have just a single miniSHARC do both the DRC and the active Xover duty as well. I realize that the 4x10HD is more suited to just the Xover part but if possible I would like to integrate both of these functions in a single box. Preferably I would like to integrate a miniSTREAMER as well.