SOLO Blagoevgrad BKW 3013A - 1966 Info Anyone?

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Hi. The one upside of being Stuck In Bulgaria is the endless supply of things you have never heard of. Today I have been offered a fair number ( he has to go and count them) of vintage full range speaker drivers by a company called SOLO which was / is located in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad - the model is вкш 3013а which is a bit tricky to say what that translates to BKW would be logical but it's more like V K Sch - I believe they are about 8" or 10" but I would be very very grateful for ANY info on these - most importantly are they any good? And are they worth buying - especially in quantity??

Thanks in advance!!
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try looking at this company: Vissokogovoritelli,plc , located in Bulgaria.
The designation 3013 resembles the one from a 12 woofer sold
in Scandinavia in the 70-ties and 80-ties under the name of Gamma.
They were distributed by a company named Audioscan. They were originally
from Denmark. The Gamma-range of drivers were used in countless diy-projects in those days. Gamma was making a hornloaded ribbontweeter
that looked very much like a Decca ribbon/horn driver.
Probably same as Gamma la3013a. I used to pair gamma la3013a 12" widerange woofers with a ribbon tweeter from the same maker, this ribbon tweeter are suposed to be a decca ribbon copy.
Used to run the woofer wide open and a single cap on ribbon tweeter, good sq but boxes where (too) big. There where a version of this woofer with a whizzer cone also, never heard it though.
These ones have the whizzer cone!

I have tried to upload photos but Im on a mac and i have never even thought where my photos are located, let alone what the URL would be - i literally dont know if they are on my SSHD or in the cloud - both i guess!?!??! If i can not drag and drop Im stuffed.

Back to these drivers - im fairly sure they are the 12" - he is wanting about £50 each for them - I think he has 8. would you guys say this is reasonable or well OTT. Please keep in mind that I will have to buy all 8 and shift 4 or 6 of them on - 4 x 12" per side would at least LOOK very impressive LOL.
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This is the new wideband driver from the same manufacterer:
LB 1234 - HIFI KIT
They want 95 € for one, I think that is a bit steep.
For 50 € I think it's a matter of how badly you want them.
In sweden you find the single cone woofer version for 30 € a pair in used but good condition.

Im not desperate to have them - especially 8 of them - but i do like to buy old soviet block speakers. Sometimes they absoloulty blow your mind with the quality. If you ever get a chance to buy the LOMO cube theater speakers they are fantastic - certainly for the money - usually about £100 a pair.

The entire front baffle / panel and speaker chassis and reflex port is cast in one single and very substantial piece of aluminum - the back is attached with another casting in aluminum. The sides are 12mm birch ply. If you brace and damp the sides and back and use threaded bar to attach the back and front alloy moldings very tightly together and add a little wool inside and put on stands you get a really lovely speaker for nothing. I am sure someone with a better understanding of speaker design could do a really great job of a cabinet design - you are fixed with the 400mm x 400mm front profile but the amount of sheer engineering and metal that is in the front seams to scream out that it deserves a better enclosure. That said - every time i put them on the hi fi its a few weeks before I take the off and replace the Wilson Benesch S2's. They are just so musical - you always want to listen to another track.

I am just pulling apart some all aluminum arrays with 6 x 5" drivers in each ( i have 5 of them in total). I thought they were 100v PA type speakers when i bought them but there not - they have an output transformer inside each one and I think its tapped at 240v - 0 - 240v (the connector plate on each has been removed by some *****). So they are a kind of not quite Transformer less Amp / speaker set up. So again I guess they are for large theater setup where they dont want to run low voltage 20m. Considering they are all Aluminum I think they will get converted to low voltage.

Ill now go post this in the correct place - are 6 x full range array classed as full range or multi ??
Don't get me wrong they are good speakers but require big enclosures to sound the way they are intended to.
The one on the picture is my wizzerless driver. Unfortunatly for you the never ceramic drivers are suposed to sound better then the old alicos, don't know if it's beacause of their age ore if they changed something in the current line up.
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