solid silver XLR needed


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2006-01-18 8:08 pm
I need chassis mount XLR sockets with solid silver (not silver-plated) contacts, either bare or rhodium-plated.
I've seen solid silver RCA sockets like the CMC Pure Silver RCA, but not XLR. Heck, I'd ask CMC if they made any if I could find any contact information for that company...


2007-03-18 9:22 am
If things get desperate you could buy an older style socket that you can disassemble, take some silver rod to a watchmaker and get him to machine some duplicates in silver.
I think the spring properties of silver might pose some difficulty for making reliable sockets.

Perhaps you could build it with flying leads through grommets with XLR plugs on the end to go straight into the other equipment. That has to be better than an extra plug and socket.
Part of what makes the XLR a great connector is the spring properties of the pins. It also provides a wiping action when connecting. The XLR connector will carry lots of current for such a small connector because of the pin design. Just get a good name brand connector with your choice of gold or silver plating. Stick with the name brands.