Soles of Passion ’s New Album, Bump Me Up, Features Political Rock Songs


2008-07-20 9:23 pm

The second single, “Cow Girl Bling,” from country rock duo Soles of Passion’s debut album, “Bump Me Up,” will be released on Saturday, March 16th! Their first single was “Got Me Surrounded.” You can listen to and download “Bump Me Up” and SoP’s awesome singles on iTunes and on Amazon

A music video for “Cow Girl Bling” will also be released on March 16th. The video will premiere on Cool TV. In the trailer for the video, SoP’s charismatic front-woman, Myla Snow, can be seen showing off her dancing chops. Check out the trailer for “Cow Girl Bling” on YouTube

Soles of Passion write political rock songs and country music about America, and have started a foundation to help victims of foreclosure. Soles of Passion donate a generous portion of their music proceeds to the non-profit FAF. The Freedom Assistance Foundation’s mission statement is as follows:

“The Freedom Assistance Foundation is dedicated to assisting homeowners who have become victims of foreclosure with monetary grants, information, and support for their individual efforts to fight for their homes.”

If you would like to find out more about FAF, please visit their website

To find out more about Soles of Passion, visit their website

You can also connect with SoP on Facebook, ReverbNation, and YouTube