Soldering two piece spades


New user trying to learn. I've started simple with some custom length cables as I experiment with my stereo gear.

With two-piece spades (collar and spade prongs) the instructions are to thread the cable through the collar and 'mushroom' the copper strands over the opening. Then screw on the spade prong.

Is there any value in dropping in some solder into the middle of the strands to ensure a solid connection and anchor point with the spade collar?

Thank you,

Soldering is a strong and air-tight connection too. The problem with soldering is the point where the solder stops as it wicks up the strands. At this point the wire changes from solid metal to separate strands, which makes it very weak to vibration and fatigue due to stress concentration, and this point in a solder joint ought to be well strain-relieved.

I'd say use either crimp or soldered connectors, never screw-on, they are the least reliable.