Soldering a tonearm cable - grounds

Hi Chaps,

This is my first post in this forum. I live in the Washington, DC metro area but spend plenty of time in Brussels and Wien for work and in Italy for visiting my family.

I have been tinkering with audio for almost thirty five years but unsure as to what to do in this case, I am trying to avoid tonearm hum, an issue with Thorens tables.

Checking my parts bin I found a van den Hul M.C. D501 silver hybrid tonearm cable w/SME plugs and would like to replace the original Thorens TD147 Jubilee cable with the van den Hul.

However, I noticed that both shield and ground of each channel are connected to the ground in both RCA plugs.

Do I cut both shields at the ends to be soldered or just solder shield and ground at the tonearm terminal strip as it was done in both plugs?

Cable came with factory soldered plugs at one end.

Please advise.

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I have used your arm before.
I think you will only find the right answer by trying out wiring solutions to minimise hum. My first guess would be to connect shields only via the tone arm wire with a separate connection for the turntable and arm ground direct to the pre amp ground. But I think that only experimentation will find the right answer.

Panicos K

2006-10-01 10:47 am
Hi,You can solder screens in two ways.First is inside the RCA's at the amp's end.Second is to keep them outside the RCA's at the amp end,solder a piece of wire on each,and connect both on the amp ground terminal.In either case,screens at the arm end must not be connected anywhere.A separate earth wire should connect the arm to amp earth terminal.This will almost surely stop any hum problems.