Software recommendation for splicing music at different frequencies

I want to experiment and convert a 2 channel sound track into a 4 channel sound track on my computer. So 1 song file to 2 sound files each with partial sounds.
I want to be able to try different crossover frequencies. Separate different sounds. Try and keep vocals to front and treble to rear, move back on forth with some sounds.

5.1 or Dolby is not my anwser as it keep the music in front of you and I want significant music in rear as well so that i feel as if i am not listening to music in front of me, but immersed in it.

Please don't suggest and psychedelic drugs:eek:.
And i dont wanna use anything inflexible like a band pass filter.

Can anyone suggest a software tool to convert 2D music into 3D music like this. Preferably a freeware:D as I am saving for some new speakers.

Thank You


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
You might be able to do this real time with a convolver. Foobar has a plugin and JRiver has one already built in - that's what I use.

You'd have to generate the impulse files, but it's not to hard. The impulse file tells the convolver what to do to the signal. Then you tell the convolver how to map the channels with a script test file. I've done it for HRTF and room simulation.