Soft start with TL431 - HOW?

Hi, again! :)

Another TL431 question ....
I would like to make my PSU soft-start. I was looking at the TL431 datasheet, to figure out how can I make this IC to "do" soft start.

Will that work, if I put a capacitor and a resistor paralell with the resistor, which is between the cathode, and the "reference" pin? Or this will caouse problems in the feedback loop? If I put a relay series with the R-C, and that relay "disconnects" that R-C after a short time, will this work?

BTW, I found a schematic in TL431's datasheet, on figure 27, but I don't think that will be good for me. That's only "delay", not soft-start.

Thanks in advance!
SS for what?

SoftStart for what? A linear or switcher? :confused:

If you're doing a switcher most controller chips (SG3525, SG1846, MC33025, etc.) have dedicated SoftStart pins on them. SoftStart can be added to the TL494 very easily. I have never heard of SS'ing the TL431. :scratch:

If you're doing a switcher, is your topology Input/Output ground-isolated, or non-isolated? :D

I would like to make a SMPS, with output voltage 460V DC, to a tube amplifier. The slowly increasing B+ does not shorten the tube's life, reduces inrush current.

Eva: Thanks, I will dig up the UCC2808's datasheet, to figure out how to make a soft-start.

N-Channel: I have used TL494, and with that IC I could easily make a soft-start, but this UCC2808 isn't so simple. It's a 8pin packaged device. GND, OUT_A OUT_B VCC FEEDBACK Current_Sense RC COMP <-= theese are the only pins it has.