So, im going to replace the Alps with a PEC...someone help?

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Just make sure you save the Alps to put back in when you discover that the PEC is unbalanced and noisy. Oh, and the PEC needs a different size mounting hole, so you are going to have to drill out the hole in the chassis.

ok, well, every ALPS blue ive had experience with has been trash, so can you tell me what pot to get that would work off the bat, that would be an upgrade from this ALPS?

It is between the GoldPoint, TKD, and PEC. I will *not* use any alps pot.


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What particular problem with Alps Pot did you have?

oh, it wasnt just this one, but 4 in all. the problem is that they get scratchy/noisy over time.

I have had the pot on the jolida replaced 2!! times, each time with ALPS blue(as per the factory).

I also have a custom built headphone amp that we originally used ALPS Blues on...again, noisy

i am quite frankly tired of dealing with it and want to buy something where I wont deal with this sort of thing.
I've probably used 30 to 40 Alps blue pots over the years, and I've never had one develop a noise problem. I have had some that were not well matched at low volume, but that's about it. Do you live in a particularly harsh environment?


I had the headphone amp in Iraq for 3 tours(afghan for one), so yes:D... but

I lived in Germany for 6 years, and in NC from 2006-2010 and in Ohio from Jan 2010 till present...

the only thing I can think of is humidity in NC? and I am very careful with my gear. I am a recording engineer and am quite anal about protecting my stuff.
Ditto on the PEC. I used them but was not happy with them.

A stepped attenuator or a TKD are my choice now. Have had god luck with Noble, too.

a Carolina man, hot damn! :D Boy I miss Carolina something fierce. panomaniac..which attenuators do you use? and do you like the TKD? If you were to choose between goldpoint and tkd , which way would you go?

anyway....... Hollowstate..what are the advantages of the laddertype?
have you tried cleaning the alps pot with some type of contact cleaner like DeOxit?
Ive had alot of success using DeOxit to remove hiss and poor sound quality in many solid state PA amps like Behringer and QSC
it could just be that theyre dirty...
just be sure there is no power to the unit before using any kind of cleaner...
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Hey NCDrawl.

The TKD I liked a lot, so did those who heard it in a product. It's $$$ for a pot, tho. I've bought a few attenuators off eBay and from Australia that have been very nice. Such as mentioned above. Have also used the little SMD versions that are now on eBay. Not had any trouble yet, but they are not of the substantial mechanical quality of the big switch types.
This is interesting. I've never heard of an Alps doing this....however, I have one that is scratchy. I thought I was the only one. Mine is an environmental issue though. I had this reciever in the garage for a year and the Alps got loaded up with gunk. If you want a really cool and CLEAN V-pot, you should look at the LightSpeed optical Vpot
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