Snell EC-2 Xover - information please?

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I've got a pair of Snell Type A Series II speakers that I'd like to bi-amp. According to Snell, the original electronic crossover used for them was the EC-2. Snell doesn't have any of these, nor do they have any schematics for it (they said they'd gladly give them to me if they did). I'd like to either buy one or borrow one (for money if necessary) so that I can run the curves on it to build one of my own.

There's also a rumor that the Snell EC-200 crossover, a more recent product, has some sort of plug-in module that gives it the curves to work with the A2. Kevin Voecks, who designed the crossover (and a lot of other things :), told me that it's true, but the current Snell engineers have never heard of it. Can anyone confirm or deny this, or give me any information on the schematic for this plug-in? I can probably find an EC-200 somewhere to buy if I know I can make it work with my A2s.

Vernon Miller
Concord, NH