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Snapin caps for GB PSU PCBs

Hi All,

Spring housecleaning and a new baby means opening more boxes and getting rid of things displaced by pink stuff.

So, for those of you constructing power supplies from the commonly available BrianGT and group buy PCBs, a pair of offerings:

snap-in caps, 40mm diameter, 10mm lead spacing:

4700uF/50v, 85c - Paccom : $1.50 each, 100s available
4700uF/80v, 105c - Nichicon : $3 each, 10s available

IIRC the paccom caps have ESR of 0.08, ripple current of 7A, and work really well paralleled in quantity, I have a datasheet somewhere. Not sure what the specs on the nichicon caps are, but probably better.

Discounts for larger quantities:

2 = 2%
4 = 4%
8 = 6%
128+ = 14%

Pictures to follow, plus more detailed specs as I can track them down.

Happy to ship to any place, via your carrier of choice, at cost from Santa Cruz, 95060. Payment via any reasonable means, I prefer paypal. In any case nothing leaves until the funds have cleared.



The caps sizes are:

35 mm diameter, 10mm lead spacing

length (excluding leads):
4700/50v : 25mm
4700/80v : 40mm

The leads are 6 or 7 mm, they are curved, so it's hard to tell.

Picture attached




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Re: Thanks

Stuart Easson said:
Here is the non-audio related object of which he speaks:

Julia Diane Luna Easson, 1 month old.

It's her fine collection of things that's displacing all my old audio cruft that impresses Mummy and her not at all...

Ok as far as Time and Money Vampires go she is kinda cute.

She looks like trouble already though!