SMSL SA 36 chip update


2015-08-05 11:17 pm
Hi all my first post although i have been using the site for awhile .
Can anyone provide any info on the current TDA 7492 PE chip that SMSL are now using in the SA 36
Specifically what makes the PE different from the TDA 7492 used in the more powerful SA 50?
Mine came with a 12 v 3.8 amp psu the one that was packaged with many of the TPA 3118 pros.
Power spec on the back shows 12~15 v so what i'd like to know is with regards to power requirements if the SA 50 can run a 24 v supply why is the SA 36 only rated for 15 v ?
Forgive me if this is a somewhat dumb question but are the chips radically different ?
Incidentally, swopped the supply for a CWT 12v 5amp psu and into JBL control ones it sounds pretty good but i would be interested in the limits of the PE as once the 30 day return is up i am planning to make this amp my first DIY project.
Thanks in advance K