SMPS800RS for 2x HiFimeDIY T4's?


2016-05-14 10:12 pm
New member here, looking a sanity check. Would appreciate any help. :)

I have a setup of two hifimediy tf4's ()

I have been running these of a lead battery bank but it's getting a bit impractical and I figured its time to get proper psu for them.
Seems they top out at around 8.5A each at 48V which is max voltage.
It also says single DC which i guess means I'm not looking for supplies with +-48V or however its labeled but rather a single 48V smps.

I found this SMPS800RS which looks like it could do the job nicely.

What do you think? Is that the one I need? Are there any better alternatives?

Anything else I need to hook all this up?

Thanks in advance.

Peter Olsson