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SMPS Power supply 350W 100v CT Regulated

Switch Mode power supply for sale.

Runs on 110v or 220/240v and with a very wide range - works well with 110v input even when on 240v setting - which confused me greatly until some nice member of this list pointed out that it should run on 240v - well it does, and well!

Output is regulated to about +50/0/-50v and holds that no problem to 350w. Also 25-0-25 output for preamps/crossovers etc.

Made by Alesis. The input caps are rated at 350v each and 1200uF, so it is a fairly beefy unit and was desgined to run a class AB 180wRMS subwoofer amp so it has great current ability.

Asking $60/ea shipped worldwide (including shipping) I have 10 available.

Would be excellent powersupply for 2 x UCD180 modules in my opinion.

See attached photo's

Cheers, Graeme


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