Smoke came out of PA amp

Caleb Chia

2008-05-20 11:17 am
I was at a gig today, and wow, the PA was set up so badly I have to share it.
It was a small gig with a powered mixer and snake, should have been very simple but they were having heaps of issues and finally smoke came out of the amp and it stopped working.

I had a look and he was running the speaker line through the xlr lines on the snake back to the front of house speakers!
Not only this but both speakers were on one side of the amp and the other channel was not being used at all.

So I'm not sure whether the snake line got so hot it melted and shorted out or whether the speaker signals fed back into the input and it oscillated into thermal runaway.
Very sad.

We had to play through some tiny little amps, not very good.

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