Jason said:
I stuffed up the smilies friday night, and then made my self uncontactable by proceeding to take the whole weekend off.

It has probably been so long since you even had a half-day off that the prospects of an entire weekend caused vast quantities of hormones to rush into your system, which on top of too long without a break, turned you into mush :lifesavr: . Perfectly excusable IMHO. You put stuff aright, so alls fine in the end.

Brett said:
I want an option in the code so that we dont have to look at the damned things, like de-selecting avatars.

They're as annoying as all *******

......Just because you don't have a good avatar, eh Brett ?.
Here use this one - presized to 75*75 pixels for your convenience. :D :D :D


  • trouble edit.jpg
    trouble edit.jpg
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Avatar Envy

Brett, this is the origin of my avatar just in case you wanted to know.
"Blown Away" Steve Steigman Concept Lars Anderson Weaver Gallery 1979 90cm * 60cm.
I have a copy hanging above my bench - $4 at a garage sale - I've had to have it since I first saw one years ago and now I do. :)
Pretty descriptive of my workshop sound system too. :D



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    blown away light.jpg
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Just Plain Funny

Rodd, yes I thought about that too ... so,
Harry thankyou for the photo and sorry if I'm pinching your copyright, but seeing as I pissed myself laughing the first time I saw it (and I still do), I could no longer resist the devil within.
That has to be one of the funniest photos that I've ever seen, bar none.
BTW, that kid looks a bit Italian - any connection ?. :D
Thanks from me for providing such a good deep belly laugh.


Can this be shrunk down into an emoticon ?