smart speakers

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its location is in the bedroom.
I use it mainly as a clock radio, but I still don't know if it also works in FM or with terrestrial digital radio.
then also to listen to relaxing chamber music before falling asleep.
I have identified two models, onkio G3, sony LF-s50g
Hello. an alternative could perhaps be to use two small active bookshelf speakers hanging on the wall with crhomecast, a discreet T-amp type amplifier or a gainclone and a group of buffer batteries like this: https: // / dayton-audio-kab-be-18650-battery-extension-board-for-bluetooth-amplifier-boards - 325-113 I did not understand if they work as a buffer battery when there is no electricity or if they supply the speakers all the time. all controlled by a smartphone (with FM radio) with google assist. in this case the smartphone must transmit the signal in wi-fi. I don't know if this will bypass the smartphone's internal DAC. I wouldn't spend much for this system but maybe there are small DIY speakers with good value for money. It might work ? what do you say?
Well not in production anymore but I have to say my SqueezeBox eco system has been one of my longest lived and loved bit of technology (not hifi).

At the centre of it is a Boom as a clock radio. OK radio is a lose term as it is streamed but I have found it very reliable. If the internet is down it reverts to a beeper for the alarm.

The downside is that it needs a server (LMS) and that runs on my NAS but could equally be a RPi.

All of this can be DIY’d so gives you loads of options
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Ill disagree with most of the posts above, two Sono's One's paired into stereo are very pleasing SQ wise. The Sonos App has a tuning feature and once i had done that the sound stage was noticeably wider than the room and the tonality was excellent.

They certainly aren't the last word in audiophile sound quality but for causal listening they are excellent.

Price comparatively you could probably beat them with an amp and bookshelf system but for ease of installation, neatness, additional features like the multi room, Airplay2 etc they really do excel.

plus I got two second hand for £250 so deals can be had.
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