Smallest possible enclosure for TB w4-1052sd...

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Does anyone either have alot of experience with this driver, or a good modeling program that could tell me if I could possible figure out a way, maybe with some tricky porting or heavy stuffing, that I could get good response out of two of these in a single .135 cu. ft. enclosure? I will be running them with a subwoofer crossed at 80 hz or so, so they don't exactly need to pound...
Give them a try. I had them for a short while but never got around to building a cabinet for them. I ended up trying them in a smaller box that was built for the B3s & W3-871s (8x4x6.75 internal dimensions - sealed). The box had a removable front baffle so I cut a second baffle for the W4-1052 just to give them a listen. They had pretty good bass and a nice midrange but the highs didn't seem as smooth as the 871s. That could have been a result of the wrong box or lack of break in. For the money they're pretty impressive.

BTW, this is the same driver that was used in the Omega Mini Me and Minuet which had favorable reviews.
sreten said:


Could work well if driven by a AV amplifier with 80Hz high pass.



I'm trying to mod some older boxes with stuff I have on hand.

WS871's or some old Pioneer 50 centers.

WinISD doesn't have these in their database. I'm just trying to use the 871's up and give them away.

And wondering if a ported or unported works best. I'll be contstructing new front baffles on a box with interior dims of

11.5 in h x 6.25 in w x 6.75 in d

One of my very early attempts at scratch building was for the 871 designed to be sealed. I was never satisfied with the sound.

(Also I don't mean to hijack a thread... just looking for something current.)
Re: WS871S or W3871S ?

sreten said:

Hi, I have Zaphs info on the W3's, :)/sreten.

Lots of alphanumeric soup on these.. W3871s. I abandoned the project for now since the party lost interest .

Since building larger projects, the old shelf speakers do not hold much appeal. However the cabinets (ones from Speakerlab reportedly manufactured by Terry Cain) are still good and built like tanks.
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