Small regal horn any suggestions?

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after having a FT-1600 MkII from Bob in my living room, I look as well for some nice design for a fullrange speaker to my bedroom. Due to very limited space I look for a regal/bookshelf design, it might be be a horn, with a reasonably priced driver and nice sound going down as much as possible, idealy below 50Hz if possible down to 40Hz. :eek:
I saw some Japanes horn pictures with small 3" or 4" drivers with a exponentional backloaded design in a size of a bookshelf...
But there are no plans :(

My room is 16 square meters small, concrete top and flor with brick wals. Speakers will be placed directly next to the bed. For now I will power them with a DIY Tamp , later I would build a Tube amp 2W or 8W depends on speakers and money :rolleyes:

Do you have any suggestions with aweable plans? Im even ready to buy plans if it should be worth it.
Daniel - Imagios
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I've been looking for the same thing, a bookshelf sized horn speaker but I didn't find a really good option and most of the advice I received (which was good advice I believe) is that a very small horn has to compromise a lot of things so you might be better off with a different kind of enclosure than a horn. The main trouble is that a small horn means a shorter horn with smaller mouth and therefore a much higher cut-off frequency than you need. So you end up operating the horn where it isn't designed and it's response is not pretty.

The closest that I came across to something suitable is the Buschorn mk1, it's designed for a small driver.
:):) 35x35x13 cm , CC 1,2 liter , throath 90%.
No plans. Gave them to someone who uses them as pc-speakers , and is more then pleased.
Is the smallest backloaded hybride I ever designed.
A Fe83eN would do great!!


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i made a small BLH but below 1oo Hz you need a sub,
the FLUTE SAT, tested and measured with Fostex FF85K
and the better sounded Omnes Audio BB3,01,
look my HP

bigger no bookshelf you can get 35 Hz, look
the TROMBONE and KORNETT double horns.


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I agree with Horst (HM) , a 3or4 inch will NEVER reach 40 , 50 Hz.
My hybrids lowest point was about 100 Hz.
But if they do everything sweet above 100Hz you can hide some kind off sub (with a plate amp) somewhere in the room.
If you do find something that reaches deep below 100Hz with a 4 inch, please let me know!!
Good luck , Leon
Just about. ;) That's a full-sized hyperpolic horn from when GM and I were having some fun, oh, must be a couple of years ago now.

I'd have to recheck the exact dimensions as it's been quite a while, but IIRC, axial length was 263in, M=0.385, St = 2.7in^2 & 74.5ft^2 terminus area. You'd need some digital delay of course on everything above Fhm as you'd otherwise have a completely unacceptable group delay (~19.4 ms).

Not exactly practical, or what you could call a desktop speaker. Could be good for a laugh though, if you've a spare barn handy. As I recall, GM's was even larger.
They appear to be claiming it improves HF dispersion, although as that's what most manufacturers claim about phase plugs (whether warrented or not), there isn't much light being shed there. Considering they're using a big roll surround which isn't going to do off-axis HF performance many favours, I'm not sure I entirely buy that idea either. There may be some specific technical reason, or it might simply be marketing based on fancy looks -ditto the neo. motor. Chalk it up as 'unknown' at present; hopefully we'll see some more information filter out over time. Here's the full data sheet, which seems reasonably consistant:
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To Imagios ;

You are welcome to do a CAD and publish it on the NET.
Please PM it first to me, so I can adjust it by memory.
I will also try to contact my friend, who owns them at the moment, to get the exact outer dimensions.
I found some more pics on my PC and will add.

To Scott,

Once found a Japanese site , with a lot of pics.
The guy did a bunch Nagaoka style designs with the FE83e.
I copied some of his research and adjust some of it to my needs. ( had 24 x foster 85 mm FR, the one you see on the pics , and had to experiment with EnAble anyway at that time. )
Build 2 of his designs and compared it to a downscalled 108 Concerti clone.
All 3 sounded okee.
Then I tried to make it smaller, result is in the pics.
Most people who heard them couldn't imagine that there was NO hidden woofer!! (On low volume!!)


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