small HTPS lcd's

I just picked up a projection assembly that contains the optics and 1.3" lcds from an unknown Sony projector.

I don't know which projector this comes from, but I was looking on the Sony website and I found spec sheets for an lcd that looks exactly like the one's I have. I also put some light through it and projected a 6 foot image across and measured the pixel size and came up with a resolution of what I believe is 800x600. This is consistent with the spec sheet I found.

These lcd's don't have any driver electronics, so its just an lcd with a ribbon cable. Does anybody have any ideas how to interface these things?.. Apparently they use some weird input format with a bunch of sample and hold blocks.

Are the sony lcd interfaces pretty much standard with all the htps lcd's out there? I was looking to maybe use Analog Device's DecDriver, but wasn't sure of its compatibility. I'm assuming that htps interfacing is pretty universal from manufacturer to manufacturer for this product.

If anybody has ANY info on the interface's these things use, please post it.


-eric.... can't wait to actually get this thing running.. i just hope all 3 lcds are still good