Small EQ'ed closed cabinet driver advice

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Hi, I'm sorry for silly questions but I am thinking about adding dwo bottom octave bass extensions to my 2-way stereo system. There are some design and technical restrictions so here it is:

- two very small (12 dm3) closed cabinets
- 10-inch bass drivers - one driver per one cabinet
- DSP equalised to meet flat in-room frequency response
- powered with UCD400 OEM class-D amplifiers
- crossed with LR2 at 80 Hz
- drivers sourced in Europe only
- music sub only (bottom octave bass extension)

Specific requirements lead me to the point that I have to choose between only two models: Peerless XLS10 (P830452) and Seas L26RO4Y (4-layer cone). Seas is specially designed to work in open baffls and it has great specs. Peerless is proven for many years for its superior bass quality from small enclosures.

Which of them will be better?
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Did you try any of the two? I'm also curious about the Seas in a small box.

Yes, I bought Peerless XLS 10" drivers becouse they were cheaper (to me) than Seas. I've already placed them in declared enclosures without damping material and connected everything. I'm sorry I have no time today to publish any simulations for you but after some trials I decided to cross them at 70 Hz with LR2. They have gentle roll-off below 56 Hz with Q=0.5 slope where room gain and floor-placing start to naturally compensate it. The acoustical response combined from electrical filtering and enclosure filtering is paranola-shaped with top centered at 63 Hz -10dB below max specified driver sensitivity. It needs just plain gain compensation wihout any EQ-ing. With 40Vrms signal (max throttle for UCD400) driver excursion is rising slowly for entire frequency range and it reaches Xmax at circa 20Hz where it can be optionally tamed with even 1-st order HP subsonic filter without excessive acoustical phase alteration. Group delay is impressive off-course. In my opinion it is strong, fast and deep bass with explosive impulse behavior. Perfect for music and interestingly, movies are thrilling! No resonances, and room modes are calmed down. No need to keep anechoic flat response to the extreme lows, becouse room gain adds plenty to the sound pressure from boundaries proximity! They are two, symmetrically placed along front wall in the room. Due to their extremely compact dimensions WAF is also extremely high.
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Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the Seas are a lot more coin. Good to hear there are no resonances. You QTC is 0.5? I'm not sure I have enough box room for that.

When I was looking at small box subs I found the original XLS made for cars. Notice how stiff the suspension is on this one. I was shocked.

The new one is somewhere between small and large box CMS wise.

Theoretically you'd be better off with one about a 1/3 along the rear
wall and one about a 1/3 along the furthest side wall. Just a thought.

rgds, sreten.

The differences between the car version and the hifi version
will all but disappear when both are used in a 10L sealed box.
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