small enclosure = nice sound? any ideas?

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im new here!
and i tried to find similar thread to avoid confuse people,
however here is my situation,
i have a entire sound system on my SUV 3 years ago,
(i took it to the shop, i personally don't know much about it!)

but someone brake into it,
3 times to tried to get the sub-woofer (on the back)
so i end up removing the sub-woofer to avoid that.
the enclosure that i took off, have 2 10" orion 1000w each,
so now i bought a sub on craiglist is a PIONNER TS-W252F (400W)
and it comes on an enclosure 12x12x25 long with a piece of
10x10 plexy glass.
the sub sound awesome and is half of size of the other one,
however i can't use it like that,
otherwise i would get my glass broken again.
so wonder if i can come up with
smaller enclosure so i can put it behind passenger seat
and still get a decent sound out of it?
i already tried a 5gallon bucket but not,
it sounds like a plastic drum lol!
im a contractor, so im very familiar with building things!
so any ideas would be really good,
otherwise i might end up selling it.
sub cost me 60.00 used glass will cost me 220.00

please let me know!
#1, what type of vehicle do you drive?( Make/model), #2 do you have tinted windows? #3, are you advertising that you have a good stereo? Eg. Stickers/ driving around with it blasting?

is a 03 jeep grand cherokee ltd
i have tinted windows all the way around except driver and pasenger,
i don't have stickers, but i have alarm with scanners,
once on a while i use it loud, but not even close from home
or on the highway,
and btw, thieves comes once a month to check the cars lol!
not seriously, they break like on 15 cars on the parking lot
and leave mine till last!

so any ideas?
i feel like my money got wasted,
sound system with out bass, hummm i don't think so!
I have an idea, a sealed box will be the smallest. You have to know the specs for the speaker to do it right. Maybe you could build it sort of flat. I would guess that the box would be about half the size of the one you have, about 1 sq. ft. This will require more power in general but will give you a clean bass without booming.
I once saw an install on a dodge minivan with a 4th order bandpass box mounted on the under-side of the chassis in a waterproof steel box, and the port fired up into the cabin space. It was part of a total stealth install. Perhaps you could find some space under your vehicle to try this?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.