Small computer sub project


2006-10-18 12:00 pm
This is a recent project to make a small sub to complement satellite speakers as part of a PC sound setup. I decided to use this design as I had heard it produces suprisingly low bass and have had good experiences with TL designs before: TLS.pdf

Where the crossover and L-Pad are usually situated I have put the integrated amplifier (honestly, I'll make this the last time I put amps in speakers this time!). It is simply a bridged TDA2030 circuit powered by an external AC adapter. There is also the filter board with a 110Hz L-R 24dB filter.

Construction is plywood with just glue and clamping, all the internal panels make it very solid when completed. The top and bottom panels are the only ones that can resonate much, but this is outside the passband in this case (consider bracing if making the proposed 2-way design). Stuffing added as directed.

Sound is good, complements the satellites well. Goes deeper than would be expected of something this size. Output is obviously limited but adequate for this application. Awaiting a decent finish!

Posted in case anyone is interested in the design etc. :)



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