Small case stereo UCD400 project - heat issue

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Trying to build SMPS+stereo 400HG into a really small but fully aluminum casing - even has 2 "heat sinks" on the side. I mounted 2 modules on the same side - after about 30-40mins of playback at normal listening volume the heatsink becomes warm but still possible to leave my hand on. :Pawprint: However, the T-sinks are running so hot I can't keep my finger on them without having the reflex to remove them.

Did I really overdo (or rather underdo) it with trying to use this case?

@Julcat - the case was from a computer actually - ITX. I did find the guys in Taiwan who made it, but after doing an inquiry they don't want to sell the cases as is - they only sell them preassembled with a mainboard+mains.

If you like this look, there is a company in the States (I can PM you the link) which does something like this - downside is they charge >500$ for a 43cm wide casing :-O
After sanding down the heatsink and carefully placing the modules, there is now definitely no gap anymore, the amp is running somewhat cooler. And maybe it's just my mind, but today I've been running the amp for 4h continuous use for the first time, and it seems to be running cooler then yesterday even. Can this be due to some kind of "break-in" of the electronics?

All left to do now is to put in the XLR connectors, the new signal cables (Hypex has way better ones now than they delivered with the AD's), put in smaller diameter speaker cable (2.5mm² doesn't bend enough to make it all fit under the top cover) and I'm done. I seriously screwed up with the case, damaged it a lot with drilling, but then this was always meant to be a temporary solution. I want to go 5 channel, 3 SMPS! :)

Oh and hats off to Bruno & Hypex - the HG's are really a step up from the AD's. Same finesse, but way bigger depth/width of soundstage (easily heard) and silkier highs yet (although I didn't ABX, could just be in my mind)

As for SMPS vs linear PS, it's a no-brainer. No change in quality and it seems to be stable as a rock (even when just running one for 2 modules - but in 8 ohms it should cover even the worst possible scenario's)

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.