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iv' seen some guides about diy projectors and want to build one (with the help of my dad).
im thinkin about makin a small panel projector because its smaller and i think we have all the components for it. (the lighting is no prob. because my dad reparis flashlights for his living and i think we will take the optics from an old camera we have).
the only thing left is panel. i'v done some reserch about small/high resolution panels and found some models (ap to 4"):

AND 4" vga:
display-tech 0.9" xvga:
LightCaster WXGA (in developnent, out next month)
hitachi 0.9" sxvga+:
optrex 1.6" 800*600:(fake)
three five displays:
MD1024 -xga
LTM04C380S -4" vga

im lookin for high resolution because i want to be able to reed text from the img projected(subtitles). and mybe hook up the pc to the projector (i need very high resolution for this)
i dont have the price of thous panels but here is my question:

does the pictere quality better on big panel projectors?
does 234*180*rgb is good enought (1.8") for the projector?
what is the price/ where to buy/ any othere panels?

im willing to spend up to 200$ for the panel+controler
Most lcd panels should be good enough for subtitles. Although the higher the resolution the better the quality. If you are planning on hooking up your pc you will need a minium of 640*480 resolution. Small high res panels are going to be hard to cool and expensive to find. For small panel help go to the small panel projector thread.
Well the quality difference is mainly determined by the specs of the panel you are using. There are some little panels that have awsome resolution and quality. But these are mega expensive :( . Only place I know to get them from would be a dead real single panel projector that had something besides the lcd go out in it.

but if i have a big panel (12") with XVGA resolution (1024*768) and a small panel (1.8") with the same resolution wouldnt the bigs panel qualety be better (u enlarge the picture less)?

the only problem with the big panel projector (for me) is the size of the projector and the light source (i want to use ultra bright xenon or hologen lamps, i can get them for free)
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