slim,cheap,mcm tower

Box responce.


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The xover gets alittle complex .The high pass is a 4th order at 2200hz with a notch filter that takes out a broad peak in the tweeters responce from 4k-9k.The one woofer cuts off at 2700 hz with a 3rd order,and the .5 woofer with a 2nd order at 580 hz.


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In order to run the program isp I entered the 1st woofer as the mid.In reality the 1st woofer plays from its bottom limit to were it xover with the tweeter.The .5 woofer or 2nd woofer plays from 580hz to its bottom limit.The 2.5 way design increases the effiecency of the bass region instead of using a lower effiecency tweeter.The 5db increase below 850hz should compensate for the baffle step.
ttvonau said:
I've been working on this 2.5 way tower consisting of two mcm 55-1200 4.5 "woofers,and a 53-525 silk dome.All though I've not yet built it the software plots look promising.
The box is 38.2l,40"x5.5"x10"inside demensions.One rear firing port .102m dia.x.168m length.Take a look.

Hello, ttvonau,

it's been over a year since this post was made. Did you ever build these speakers?
I was searching the archives for MCM 55-1200, MCM 53-525, and this thread (as well as a couple others from you on these drivers) poped up.
I've got a few of these drivers kicking around and was looking for a project for them.
the thread seemed to dry up, and I was wondering how they turned out!!