Skaaning (AudioTechnology) woofers


2004-10-11 5:21 pm
I'm using the C-Quenze 15cm units (wound to 4Ohm and with the biggest magnet they do). Completely wron application for your question because I'm using them in a car! but I will say they have the most fluid and realistic midrange I've head this side of ATC 3" dome mids. From what I've been told the C-Quenze do have a finer midrange at slight expense of the midbass performance, out of those two I'd personally go for the larger C-Quenze unit.


2002-11-06 11:32 am
richardkrol said:
Are there any kits out there using Flexunits or C-quenze as a two way monitor? I plan on building one with two passive radiators. I've put the design on the web here:



The dutch company is working on some kits. At the moment there is a small monitor consisting the 15H and Raidho tweeter. A 2,5-way floorstanding speaker is on its way.