SKA SKpre? Comments Advice/Impressions


2008-02-01 2:43 pm
Hey all, being my third post ever in this forum, I'm a little nervous.. but...

Recently as my passion for audio electronics has grown, the idea of building my own preamp/amplifier system has been an ever growing fascination of mine. After hours of searching and reading in forums, books and sites ect. I have limited my possible candidates to:

A basic dual mono Chipamp from
A Class T amp kit from
or a SKA 150watt/RMS configured in class A operation

Twisted Pear Audio Kookaburra preamp (out of stock at the moment)
SKA SKpreamplifier
or possibly a Foreplay III preamp (a little steep cost wise)

Considering these amps cover the whole range of classes and whatnot, i wasn't sure what forum area to post in, but hopefully this post will be well received.

Well... basically cost is definitely an issue considering I'm a poor college student...
So I am looking for a high value versatile setup that will sound good with various DIY loudspeakers i may build. My current project is a back loaded folded horn full range set up will a fostex 8" and maybe a ribbon tweeter. I am not sure yet. but anyways... I just thought i'd post to see if anyone has any advice/comments/experience with the above kits regarding sound, compatibility between preamp and amp, ease of assembly, value ect.. Thanks to everyone who responds.
Thanks and cheers, Luke
If you are looking for good value with great sound, a good starter is the LM3875 from Peter Daniel.

You can get away with a passive pre as long as the pot is in the amp case or very close so saves the cost of an active pre. Peter also sells premium versions and look around as there are heaps of examples from happy builders as well as the Patek is based on this design (see 6moons).

I'm not discouraging you from the others but this is a great way to get into the hobby at reasonable costs so there are funds for speakers.