Size does matter..

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size does matter


This is some info about a loudspeaker my father built in the 60's to match his DIY tube amp (24W with 2 6L6G output tubes):

One case 700L (around 110cm wide, 80cm high, 80cm deep) which contained:
a closed midtone case with one midrange driver.
a closed high-tone case with four metal-film drives in a concave setup.
a 10" bass-driver.
All casing was 30mm chipboard, glued and screwed together.

A separate second midtone-case provided 'pseudo stereo'.
All-in-all the total system performed awesome...

And then real stereo arrived and there wasn't enough room (and bucks I think) to complete another amp + case.

The loudspeaker has been scrapped. Photo's are found in my baby-album.
The amp is still around (and working from time to time)...

Size does matter...
I wonder, does anyone make diy speakers of this size nowadays??


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You'd be suprised of the size that many DIY speakers still are nowadays. Several line-array speaker kits are much taller than the average person, several of them standing just below an average ceiling. I've also seen some copies of Wilson WAMM speakers that are absolutely monstrous, and also one or two JM Labs Utopia clones that are very large and weigh several hundred pounds a piece. Speakers of that size may not be the most common thing, but they are definitely out there.

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