single supply buffers


2014-06-22 6:45 am
hi, i need ideas for single supply buffer to be used on my desktop dac. form factor is an issue here since it needs to be small enough to not take too much space on my office desk.

i need to p2p it so fewer part count the better.

so far i'm looking at b1,, and kuartlotron super buffer but k buffer is already too much for me to p2p....

i also remember seeing a 'buffed up' version of b1 on broski site a while back but cannot find it...

and also this guy

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2002-09-25 11:01 am
one more question- the darlington buffer pictured on the first post- can that work without the input dc blocking cap? i plan to take the signal out from tda1387 dac which will have 1v ish dc offset.

If you're wondering about using that 1V as the bias for the first transistor, you'll have to remove the bias network.

The best way to couple a TDA1387 to this kind of circuit is to take the DAC output to the emitter of the first transistor, and buffer the output from the collector. You can look at the PAss D1 or the Twisted Pear Legato for ideas, it's basically a few resistors and capacitors and two active devices.