single driver speakers

ciare dipole

if you limit the baffle size you can support with a sub. you may want a sub anyway so just use a smaller baffle. 18" wide should be fine for down to about 80-90 hz. hang the baffles from the ceiling and angle them down and you will solve all your space problems. plus the kids and pets can't tamper with them. where are you from: write me at [email protected]
Are there any other designs out there that would suit these drivers.

At a recent german loudspeaker diy fair a CIARE importer showed a 30 liter aperiodic enclosure for the CH 250. Its the orange one with the white circle around the driver. Aperiodic damping was achieved with a multitude of small holes in the back stuffed with sonofill.

Sorry I can´t tell you more about it. But you can contact the importer blue planet acoustic here:


2004-11-02 9:15 pm
GM what about a4 to 5foot high mass loaded transmission line?

mor2bz could these small baffles be put on stands? must the driver be center or off center? Is the shape of the baffle just trial and error or do squares and oblongs have definite qualities?

Rudolf these look good Iam going to do a little research into Aperiodic speakers because I dont know what they are.

thanks again chaps sil

sil i suggested hanging the panels from the ceiling as you have limited space. i have made an open baffle with the driver centered and it sounded great. my current OB has the driver off centered and my next one will too. the OB from bastinis is centered and i assure you it sounds great. the panel should be rectangular. get a bike box and experiment. if you do not use a flat panel but rather an "U", angle the little wings back at about a 45 degree angle. if you experiment with a bike box you can fold back and tape about 8" of the sides to get more bass. if you make an U box with the sides going back don't make it too deep. I suggest about 8". keep the sides of sisimilar depth to prevent cavity resonanses from forming the the back of the panel. for example, the top back peice could be 5", the bottom 8". the right back 5", the left back side 8". i started with a flat panel and added side peices in order to get more bass. email if you have questions: [email protected]
GM what about a4 to 5foot high mass loaded transmission line?


Yes, this is what I had in mind, so using published specs (all dims are inside):

L = 56"
CSA (width x depth) = 75"^2
driver down = 19.42"
vent = 3" dia. x 7" long
suggested stuffing = ~24 oz of polyfil evenly distributed from top down ~45"

This sims a near IB response, so unless up against a wall it will probably need some BSC, and even then the bass will roll off below ~80 Hz.

Note though that the specs don't match up all that well with calc'd ones, so you may want to try a 3" long vent also before adding any BSC.