Simulation Tool?

I have a lot of troubles with the simulation of switching circuits in Orcad PSPICE, which i use for all other simulations.

The common problem with PSPCICE is that the timestep decreases and reaches the program limit.

I know that it's possible to "tune" the accuracy of volts, amps, charges and increase the iteration calculation.
However it jam the simulation if the tolrances are to large.

I assume the timestep problem is founded in the high rate of di/dt and du/dt of the coils, inductors, and capacitors

My question is then, what program is best suited for switching circuits simulation?

I know TI , and Linear has a tool, but is there other programs which are better?

Those I know, but not tried:
- Simetrix
- Plecs for Matlab
- Electronic Workbench
- Tina TI
- SwitcherCAD Linear
SwitcherCAD Linear (LTspice) is free and I as far as I know it is at least as good as many high priced programs.

Time step too small problems often result from using unrealistic (ideal) components without proper damping; inductors and caps with no ESR, for example.

There is a Yahoo LTspice group where these kinds of problems are discussed.