Simple question. Total speaker impedence.

Ok, this may seem silly, but I couldn't find this info anywhere on the net. If woofers are wired up for impedence x, mids are wired up for impedence y and tweeters are wired up for impedence z, what is the total impedence of the speaker? Please help me out...

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Well JoeBob,

Strickly speaking if everything is done properly, the impedance will be as follows
bass frequencies will see the impedance of the bass drivers, mids will see the impedance of the mid drivers and highs will see the impedance of the tweeters.

In all cases, impedance for any frequency is output impedance of the amp + impedance of the crossover + impedance of the driver at a given frequency.

Of coarse if all drivers are nominal 6ohms for instance, the speakers will 'nominally' be a little higher than this. but this is rarely ever the case because of the crossovers and the non linear nature of the impedance curve of the drivers.

Hope this kinda helps.


2001-12-26 8:02 am

Typically one uses a crossover to divide the low, mid and high frequencies. So, your impedance can and will change from low to mid to high. For example: If you have a 4 ohm woofer and an 8 ohm midrange and a 6 ohm tweeter, then your impedance is 4 ohms in the bass frequencies, it would be 8 ohms in the midrange frequencies and 6 ohms in the treble frequencies. So if you have two 4 ohm woofers in series, then your impedance will be 8 ohms, but only 8 ohms through the bass frequencies, because the crossover does not let it go any farther than that.


2001-12-26 8:02 am
PIEZO have a higher impedance because....

Of the nature of the driving element.

It has nothing to do whether they are horns or not.
However any horn is always likely to be much more efficient (louder) than a cone or dome. If the tweeter is too loud you need to attenuate (pad) it down. You can do that several ways with PIEZO tweeters. Take a look at the "Using Piezo Tweeters", in the Speakers forum. Adding a PIEZO tweeter to a loudspeaker system will hardly have any impact on the overall impedance, because a piezo tweeter has a very, very high impedance to begin with.