SIMPLE QUESTION: Can a 10" woofer give me the same bass of a 15" one?

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It depends....

All things equal the 15" will do a better job. The real question is application. There are modern 10" sub woofers with huge air moving abilities. They exist for those that have space and or cost limitations that make a 15" impractible.

However the 10" will have limitations and usually be less efficient.

You need to tell us more about what your goals and application situation.
No a 10 inch won't beat a 15 inch, Mark is quite correct

· If the cone area is doubled, the excursion is halved.

· If the frequency is halved, the cone excursion increases by a factor of 4.

· If the cone excursion is halved, the acoustical power is halved.

· If the cone area is doubled and the cone excursion remains the same, the acoustical power is increased by a factor of four.

A really good 10" will slaughter a poor 15", it just needs around double
the xmax to do the job the same. Given your talking 20Hz to 40Hz, that
is possible in moderate volume with a lot of power with a 10". Generally
speaking a poor 15" will need a lot more box volume and less power.

However, if the 15" has about 4 times the cone mass of the 10" and
the same xmax, it will slaughter the 10", but will need a far bigger
magnet to do so, and will be commensurately much more expensive.

A good 15" will kill a good 10", depending on your design criteria.

Which it all boils down to, good design, and proper drivers for purpose.

rgds, sreten.
10" (might) give lower bass

If the box is not large enough for the 15", then the 10" will result in a lower resonant frequency in that size of box. In a large box, such as a closet, the 15" will have the lower resonant frequency (assuming that it has a lower fs to start with).
Here is a real livingroom sub:D


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From another post of mine:

Those 10" speakers are mid range units. I used to design and build equipment for 1 man bands and used 10" Zomax speakers as midrange units coupled with 15" Zomax speakers and Sammi bullet tweaters using a three-way second order filters from my hi-fi speaker designs. They were awesome and rattled the foundations.

They could make glasses slide off a table 30 m away and when I originally tested them at my home I had people and the police from half a block away coming to see what the noise was about, so where you think a 15 inch will be slaughtered by a 10 inch think again. I had 107 dB 4 m away on my slm on my veranda (porch).
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