Simple preamp with baxandall

It will work but there are better pre amps around. The Baxandall "tone control" was originally designed around a valve. A number of people have said that a single transistor is not a good choice as a gain block for his system. That is why in the 70's a lot of pre amps with his system used 2 or 3 transistors to get more gain.

It doesn't have a very high supply voltage. Was it designed for a 12 volts system for a special reason?

If you start exploring the "Chip amp" part of the Forum you will probably find many people who have considered what pre amps to use with chip amps.

But it is simple and it may be the right place for you to start if you have not built a lot of equipment.

Anyway, good luck. Jonathan

I think you will find that if you Google "pre amps" you will find a lot of choice and many will be better than this one.
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