Simple multiroom system


2019-11-25 7:14 am

I want to build a multiroom system for my flat with the existing amplifiers etc I've already got. As I don't like a multitude of displays, remote controls etc I would prefer a system that has no switches at all - if a node is powered on (basically by plugging it into the wall socket) it should join the multiroom network and play any music that is currently played. Plugging off should not cause any harm. I have already build an alarm clock with a raspberry pi in read-only mode which has tolerated hundreds of powerup/powerdown-cycles without a single "proper" shutdown. Therefore I was thinking of using the raspberry for this project as well. Can you recommend me a setup?

It's possible to send audio over your local network/WiFi using RTP, from one computer to another. You would need to know the IP address of the receiving computers ahead of time. When the client (e.g. R-Pi) is powered up, a script can be run that connects to the RTP stream directed at its IP address, and then begins playback. You can do all of this using Gstreamer but there is a bit of a learning curve.