Simple & Low Distortion DIY PreAmp


2005-09-08 1:48 am

As this category is more appropriate for discussion of pre-amp, I moved the thread here.

Schematic and Micro-Cap simulation result were shown.



Please take a look and give comments.




2005-09-08 1:48 am
Schematic, PCB layout, BOM and special instructions will be shipped together with each PCB (no components).

It is a 2-layer PTH, high definition (no kidding, money back guarantee) FR4 lead-free design with 2-oz copper (most computer motherboard is 0.5 oz). Silkscreen printed on BOTH sides.

Each PCB contains 2 channels, +/- voltage regulators and rectifiers.

Tracking information from UPS indicates the boards will arrive on Dec 22.

Price per board is USD15 (bare PCB only).
If you need the 4 pcs of Cooper Bussmann terminal blocks, which may be difficult to source in some countries, please add USD3.

Shipping within the US is USD3 for any number of boards you buy.
Shipping to overseas is USD5 per shipment for any quantity bought.

You can send payment to my PayPal account [email protected]

View attachment 63307-B tss.pdf

View attachment 63307-B bss.pdf