Simple (hopefully) speaker port question


.... because the air inside the port acts as a "lump" of mass that is attached to the "spring" that is the net air volume in the enclosure. Together, the spring-mass system form a resonant system.

You really should buy the LDC of Vance Dickason, or at least skim through it when you happen to see one at a bookstore :)


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What is critical about the port is NOT its lenght, its diameter, or its wall thickness. The importance of the port is the MASS OF AIR that it contains. This mass acts as a braking system for the driver and works to tune the box. Therefore, your calculations of enclosure size, as determined by your software, will then need to be increased by the ENTIRE VOLUME displaced by your port, by your driver, by any bracing, and by the presence of an amplifier that resides inside the enclosure.

Thus your total volume for wood cutting purposes should be: Volume calculated by software + volume of port + volume of driver + volume of bracing + volume of amp.