Sima SVS-1 volume stabilzer

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I suppose this is not directly video projector related but I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Sima SVS-1 volume stabilizer?

It is sold as a video accessory to compress audio dynamics of video sources with the marketing line "hear the whipsers, tame the booms".

I use decent self-powered stereo speakers with my video setup (NO surround sound) and nearly every time I watch a stereo HiFi VHS tape or DVD I am constantly ridding the gain. I have to crank it up to hear the dialog then jump for the remote when something blows up on screen.

The issue is dynamics. I need some way to compress them.
Of course, cable broadcasts are no problem nor are very old tapes that simply are not encoded with surround information.

Does any one have experience with this or similar products?
Or perhaps someone might have a DIY project that does the same thing?
Thank you very much...Timo
Don't know if its any use to you, but I'm more than certain that there is sofware available for you do tackle this problem. I guess it's only any use to you if you are using dscaler, pc based DVD etc. but there is definitely software available out there.

Sorry for the lack of any links to software/info (for those who are lazy ;) ), I've never used such software, just discussed it with people who have had reason to use such an application.


What you need is an audio compressor. I'm not had a chance to try the Sima unit so I can't comment on it's effectiveness. I have a Behringer compressor in my sound system for this very reason. Make is possible to hear the dialog while watching movies late at night without waking up the kids.

Just do a google search on "Berhinger" and you will find lots of hits. Should be able to find one for less than $100 US.

Thanks Phil.

I had thought about using an "ordinary" compressor but I wasn't sure if the Sima unit had anything in it that would make it more effective specifically for video sound.

I'm glad to hear that the Beringer works well for you. This will allow me to broaden my search to include Pro-audio compressors.

What model of Beringer are you using?
I'm using an older Berhinger model, Mastercom MDX-4000. This compressor splits the frequency spectrum up into two bands and compresses each band individually. Works well for action adventure movies. The dialog doesn't get swallowed up by high energy bass.

I use this same compressor for live music recording. It prevents vocalists from disappearing in time to the kick drum, which can happen pretty easily with single band compressors.

The only other thing the Sima is likely to have that most PA compressor's don't have is AGC (leveling). The Mastercom does leveling although I don't find it is usually necessary.

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