Silverstone EB02

Hello all,

This is my first post in almost 4 years, in which time I have been too busy reading up on PCs and related technology. Anyway, I hope this thread will bring attention to an interesting development that audio enthusiasts might not be aware of.

At CES 2008 Silverstone (a company best known for their high-end PC cases) announced the Ensemble EB02, a Class T amplifier designed for use with computers and as a companion to their existing EB01 USB DAC. It is based on the Tripath TA2021B, which, as far as I know, is shared only by the 41Hz AMP3; this chip is a little more powerful than the TA2024 typically used in T amps. The unit itself is made of steel/aluminum, is available in silver and black, and includes gold-plated RCA jacks and binding posts; it comes with a 60W AC adapter. Availability is limited at the moment, but all online retailers currently carrying this model price it at $159. That places the EB02 just north of Super T territory, so for the added power it might be worth a consideration.

Here's hoping somebody on the forum picks one up and shares his thoughts with us. Current EB01 owners, consider this an invitation. :)


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2008-04-05 3:49 pm
Hi, just tested that amp for a while.

I must say: a sweet, detailed and mellow sound. Every cent worth paid for.

One weak point: it could be a bit more powerful because with normal sensitive speakers you can steer volume easily to end and its definetly a bit weak.

For listeners who listen to music generally at lower dB levels a real bargain. Perfect workmanship - great Design. That what silverstone is well known for their products in PC Case domain