silver mica caps

Silver Mica Caps

The ones I found are made by Cornell Dubilier and distributed by Newark Electronics. If these are parts for the Pass a40, I just updated my list of parts and suppliers in your "Solid State DIY" thread below to include these. The changes are mostly to consolidate suppliers so I can place a minimum number of orders and receive what I need. Still haven't started building yet - I have a few other "projects" to wrap up first.



2004-06-19 11:30 am
Yeh, that would be me. I don't know how I dig this up. MY usual action will be looking thru the first few (probably 2-3) pages of the 'solid state' menu and see if there is any new or newly replied post that I might be interest to go thru. Sorry that I did not look at the date of the last post. But somehow, someone did the same thing as I had. Ha.....