Silver Flute 8" + 1" waveguide tower?

I have a pair of SF W20RC38-04 drivers (4 ohm version) that I'd like to make some 2-way floorstanders with. Was thinking of matching with waveguided D2604/833000 or XT25TG30. I've never designed my own crossover before so was looking for an existing one but came up empty. Anyone know of any existing designs using these 4 ohm 8" SF's? I did come across the Decware DM945, is the crossover published anywhere?

Thanks in advance.
Would be tricky making a 2 way with it, probably. It's actually got a pretty friendly response in the higher frequencies, but directivity matching might be an issue. I don't suppose you have the means to make a polar map? I also saw you were asking for frd/zma files for the woofer. You don't plan on designing the crossover based on those responses do you? I'm kind of a newbie though. Only have one quickly cobbled together speaker design to my name, so don't take my advice before others get a chance to chime in
I did look there but those are for the 8ohm version unfortunately.

I am working on my own crossover based on the DM945, i.e. a single cap on the tweeter. It's difficult for me as I don't have any measurements of the silver flute. For the tweeter I am utilising Heismann's waveguide test results.
Ok, here's my first attempt at a 2-way crossover of said SF and XT25 with WG-300. Simulated 16 liter enclosure tuned to 30 Hz. LR4 x-over at 1800Hz.

W20RC38-04 + XT25TG30-04 + WG-300 SPL.png

Phase is out by ~1500Hz, not sure how to fix that?

W20RC38-04 + XT25TG30-04 + WG-300 Phase.png

Am I on the right track?