silver epoxy question


2012-10-26 7:49 pm
I just found an interesting product and would like to know if anyone's tried it.
MG Chemicals Extreme Conductivity Silver Epoxy for Cold Solder
Cat.No. 8330-20g
Volume Resistivity 0.0006 ohm – cm
Hardness 83D
Operating temp range -40C to 150C
Compression Strength 5199 PSI
Tensile Strength 12.9 MPa
Well, lead is .000021 ohm-cm, tin is 0.000011 ohm-cm, solder is around 0.000015 ohm-cm. So that stuff is about 40 times worse than real solder, not great. Pretty conductive for an epoxy though, but I'd only use it when hot solder can't be used (and where a higher resistance junction can be tolerated). Haven't tried it myself though.

Years ago I was a repair tech at a Radio Shack service center, back when they sold kits for color organs and other gizmos. About once a week we'd get in a kit that someone assembled using 'liquid solder', which I don't think was really conductive at all. It could make convincing-looking joints, though, but the kits wouldn't work and we all got the "oh, no, not again!" experience of burning plastic ruining our soldering iron tips an stinking up the shop!
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