sijosae's multi-hybrid headphone amp


2004-10-20 4:39 pm
I think this amp will be my first project, but I'm not sure if its capable of driving my AKG k271 studios at 55 ohms. Is there a simple way of finding out besides building it?

I'm sorry if this question has been answered before, or if I'm in the wrong section. I'm new here.


2003-01-18 7:57 am
Near London. UK
Looking at that circuit, I'd say it would be less terrible at driving low impedance loads than high impedance ones. Valves just weren't made for operating at such low voltages, so I'd expect substantial distortion from that poor little 6922. The 317 is a useful regulator IC, but it really shouldn't be allowed to directly touch real audio (as it does here). Perhaps this circuit has been developed further (I haven't read all 11 pages of that thread), but in that form it doesn't look good.