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For Sale SIGMA - Lateral MosFET Amplifier

Things you have for sale.
Here i im selling SIGMA reference class audio amplifier that sounds very good as is using exicon lateral mosfets and works with +/-48 VDC to +/-50VDC power supply.

For sale is complete pcb boards, populated, tested and working.

2pcs SIGMA amplifier populated boards
2pcs PSU 2x4700uF/63VDC Rubycon USR
1pcs SOFTSTART with input for on/off button
2pcs SPEAKER PROTECTION boards with high quality relays and high quality air inductor and golden connectors for speaker.

As i im from Europe it will be good if buyer is from EU so there will be no additional costs if buyer is from EU Union.

Price is €400,00 and free shipping inside EU Union Countries.

Please contact me PM to exchange data.

Thanks for your time :)


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Here is pictures of UNI-PSU and SOFTSTART for sale.

Softstart have 2 fuse holders protecting each transformer. And paralell resistors make to work with 500W toroid transformers, if you need higher value then change 5W resistors with 10W resistors and then you can use up to 1000W toroidal transformer.

2pcs PSU 2x4700uF/63VDC Rubycon USR
1pcs SOFTSTART with input for on/off button

Price for 2pcs PSU is €65,00 with free shipping and including paypal fee.

Price for 1pcs SOFTSTART is €45,00 with free shipping and including paypal fee.

Interested in buying please send me PM to exchange data.


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