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For Sale Siemens Epcos B25839 MKV capacitors 0,22uF 700V The holy grail of capacitors

Things you have for sale.
Hello dear diyaudio friends

After a longer break from diy audio, I'm finally back in and starting with the sale of electronic parts.

Starting with the "holy grail of capacitors" the very rare Siemens Epcos MKV B25839 with 0,22uF and a rating up 700 Volts.

I bought them many years ago in original sealed bags, I have about 400 pieces of them. In the pictures you see only one opened bag.

Price 13 Euro per each capacitor. They are very rare. Only one shop on eBay sells them for more than 30 Euro per piece.

I’m also willing to trade for one or more of the following items:
(Of course, I will pay difference in value)

Manufacturer sealed bags of:
And maybe other rare signal JFETS or dual JFETS

BurrBrown PCM1704-K DAC chips

Analog Devices MAT02 and MAT03 dual monolithic transistors

2 x Starkrimson® Ultra Amp Module

XRK Audio RTR TPA3255 Reference Class D amplifier

Please also take a look at my other offers in the Swap Meet

Here are some different shipping rates:
They may differ a little from country to country, for a exact quote for your country please ask.
Of course, I will charge only the prices I will have to pay)

(Prices for bubble wrap envelopes are valid for most countries worldwide, DHL package prices are a bit cheaper within Europe)

One MKV capacitor has a weight of about 12 grams

Bubble wrap envelope up to 500 grams (Deutsche Post):
Without insurance and tracking: 3.70 Euro
With insurance up to 30 Euro and tracking: 7.20 Euro

Bubble wrap envelope up to 1KG (Deutsche Post):
Without insurance and tracking (Deutsche Post): 7 Euro
With insurance up to 30 Euro and tracking: 10.50 Euro

Small DHL package worldwide (up to 2KG):
Without insurance and tracking: 10.99 Euro
With insurance up to 50 Euro and tracking: 14.99 Euro

Small DHL package within Europe (up to 2KG):
Without insurance and tracking: 5.99 Euro
With insurance up to 50 Euro and tracking: 8.49 Euro

Shipping within Germany will be cheaper, please ask.

I will ship anywhere in the world. Shipping costs strongly depend on the number of capacitors you are going to buy and which shipping method you prefer. Of course, I will only charge the real costs, I won't charge anything for packing materials and effort. I prefer to use Deutsche Post/DHL, but you can decide which shipper and which shipping method (letter, registered letter, small package, normal package, insurance, tracking) I should use.

As payment method I prefer PayPal for friends and family, so no extra fees will be added. Of course personal collection of capacitors in Cologne and payment in cash is also possible.

Kind Regards


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It’s normal that you see paper. Here ist the definition of MKV capacitors:

In these capacitors, the winding consists of two paper films coated on both sides, which are separated from one another by a polypropylene film as a dielectric.

If you pay the shipping costs, I can send you the opened capacitor for your own analysis.
Philipp, thanks for the quick handling, all arrived in perfect order. Nicely wrapped indeed!

For all of you unsure if these are polypropylene in oil: we have used these caps for a few decades now, these are original ones and just as advertized: the real deal, poly in oil, hard to fail and a very solid, yet open sound signature, if I may say so.
And oh yes: they are a steal....