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Siemens e83cc Long plate triple mica?


I just bought a Siemens e83cc triple mica, but it's a long plate! All the other e83cc triple mica i've seen were shortplates. I have 2 shortplates for comparion, but these are different.

I have never seen one and can't find it on the internet.
Oh by the way, it has gold pins.
I cant find an etch code, while the logo is still intact.
It says 1310 on the back of one and 1334 on the back of the other. It also has 4 seams on top.


Does anyone know something about these tubes?
I cant find em on the internet, so I suppose they're pretty rare?
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Gold plate triple mica Siemens E83CC

Sorry to re-start this old thread but the long plate triple mica Siemens E83CC are some of the early triple mica E83CC tubes made by Siemens. The short plate triple mica E833CC were made way later and were usually sold re-branded under the Valvo brand.
Now about the gold pin long plate triple mica Siemens E83CC that you have. They are the rarest kind of Siemens E83CC tubes out there. Most long plate triple mica Siemens E83CC had plain pins. The ones with gold pins were made in very limited numbers and were meant for critical low noise applications.


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