sibilance background noise in Amanero I2S and TDA1541


2009-02-01 8:18 am
I am designing an NOS TDA1541 DAC using the datasheet official circuit
using amanero I2S input,
when set to 16bit 44.1khz, there IS Sibilance noise in the background,
but set to 24bit 44.1khz, NO Sibilance noise in the background
The Sibilance can be heard in the first few seconds when mute, but it will disappear after mute for few seconds.
To diagnosis the problem, I use an oscilloscope to view the I2S data, there is signal in the first few second of mute and the sibilance exist, after few second of mute, the I2S data is always low and not signal is output and the sibilance is disappear.
When the music is playing, the sibilance reduce. is it normal for a TDA1541/A? hope some expert can help
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