Shure M447 cartridge separated from top mount

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks back I picked up shure m44-7 cart mounted on a technics headshell, cost about $80. No tip, but I have a stylus I planned to use with it. It arrived with the bottom part of the cartridge loose from the top mount of the cartridge. It looks like the glue holding the two dried up. I was planning to send it back to seller, but wondering if it might be worth keeping - scrape off glue residue and put some superglue between the two. Would the fix be simple as this or is it not worth messing with?



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There may be a case for leaving the surfaces as they are as they should 'key' together.

I would use contact adhesive to rebond the surfaces - a thin layer on each surface - allow time to become tacky - then press tightly together.
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Ah, that makes sense. I am in the USA, please advise if there is any particular brand of product that is best recommended for this application. Otherwise will make a trip out to hardware store and see what they might have in the way of silicone rubber cement or contact adhesive.